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Oral lesions are painful and unsightly, and no one wants them. Yet, they’re a fact of life for many people. If you have any type of lesion in your oral cavity, then there’s good news. An innovative dental treatment can alleviate your discomfort and speed up the healing process without medications, ointments, or lengthy wait times for an appointment with the dentist. Previously, those who had any type of oral lesion had to wait two or three weeks or even longer for them to heal. Now, however, advances in laser dentistry for oral lesions treatment can alleviate your discomfort within hours, and your healing time will be reduced to days rather than weeks or longer.

Are There Many Varieties of Oral Lesions?

Lesions can occur on any part of the body, but several lesions are specific to the oral cavity. They’re usually painful and cause you to be self-conscious about your appearance. The following are types of oral lesions that occur frequently:

Canker Sores

Medically, canker sores are known as aphthous ulcers. They’re very common and usually appear on the soft tissues in your mouth or at the base of your gums. They’re typically harmless and should resolve within two weeks. If not, then make an appointment with your dentist.

Cold Sores

Cold sores – sometimes called fever blisters – are the result of the herpes simplex virus, either 1 or 2. You can get a fever blister without having a fever, and they usually self-resolve within three weeks or sooner. Some individuals seem more prone than others to have outbreaks of cold sores.


A hemangioma is a birthmark. It’s bright red with a rubbery appearance and is caused by a collection of extra blood cells. Usually, they appear on the face, back, neck, or scalp. Only rarely do they appear in the oral cavity.


HPV, or the human papillomavirus, is an STD, or sexually transmitted disease, that can cause oral cancer. Although HPV lesions in the oral cavity aren’t considered cancerous, they’re considered precancerous because they can cause normal cells to become abnormal. If you have one, it should be removed without delay.

Is Laser Dentistry Treatment for Mouth Lesions Better Than Other Treatments?

Laser dentistry as an oral lesions treatment is faster, more effective, and promotes more rapid healing than traditional types of treatments. Some of the benefits for using a laser with all types of oral lesions include:

  • Less anesthetic is needed
  • There’s less trauma to the gums
  • Pain and discomfort is minimized
  • Less pain medication is needed, thereby reducing the likelihood of addiction
  • More precise than traditional or alternative treatments
  • Promotes healing
  • Preserves more healthy tissue

How Will My Dentist Diagnose My Oral Lesions?

Before your procedure, your dentist will thoroughly examine your oral soft tissues, such as the cheeks, gums, lips, tongue, and palate. They’ll be looking for lumps or bumps or other abnormalities and we may need to take clinical photographs or an x-ray. Typically, a biopsy or an x-ray will be conducted in conjunction with your laser treatment.

What Should I Expect During the Laser Dentistry Treatment Process?

Before the procedure, your dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic. Then, we’ll use a dental laser to excise the lesion, which will also cauterize the surrounding tissues. The laser is set at a specific wavelength that will remove the lesion but leave the surrounding tissues undamaged. Patients usually report immediate pain relief and much faster healing than with traditional methods. Often, a single laser treatment is sufficient, although we allow time in the schedule for a follow-up appointment if it’s needed.

Have Any Case Studies Been Reported?

Dentistry Today, which is a peer-reviewed trade magazine, reported the case of a 32-year-old man who had a lesion in his oral cavity. It was caused by an outbreak of the herpes simplex virus and was causing him severe discomfort. It also disrupted his daily routine because it interfered with his eating, speaking, and sleeping. The lesion was removed with the Biolase® Epic X diode laser, and the patient reported feeling warmth but no pain. He was scheduled to return the next day for a follow-up treatment. When the patient returned the following day, his excision site had healed considerably, and he was free of pain and had resumed his regular routine.

What’s the Best Way to Learn More About Laser Treatment for an Oral Lesion?

If you have any of the types of oral lesions, call Dental Associates of Northern Virginia – Pinecrest at (703) 940-1886 to schedule an appointment or talk to one of our professional staff members for more information on the available oral lesions treatment. We have several locations throughout the Alexandria area, so we’re sure to have one that’s convenient for you. If you have a cold sore, canker sore, or any other type of oral lesion, don’t suffer any longer. Alleviate your pain with a dental appointment. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you.

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